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Food machinery and equipment selection of the basic requirements
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In the process of construction of food processing plant, the quality of equipment selection is an important symbol of the technical content of the proposed plant. Making advanced, applicable and reasonable equipment selection methods is an important task in the construction of food processing plants. At present, there is no uniform equipment selection standard in the food processing industry in our country, and the equipment selection is generally adopted by the way of reference design, often resulting in defects such as equipment selection lagging behind and equipment not matching etc., seriously restricting the construction level of some food processing factories . Therefore, on the basis of extensive investigation and study and reference of advanced experience at home and abroad, the basic requirements of food machinery equipment selection are put forward.
Food processing purposes and equipment selection characteristics
The purpose of food processing: to maintain the original quality characteristics of food, improve and improve the quality characteristics of food, change the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of food to meet the different needs of people and improve the use of food value and economic value through food processing or Deep processing and development of new products and value-added.
Equipment Selection Features: Equipment working parts and technical parameters should be consistent with the biological characteristics of processed products and meet the processing requirements of the final product; Strict control of raw materials during processing, the final product damage and reduce the quality of the final product is food or The processing equipment of food raw materials should prevent the contamination of the final products by machinery or other materials in order to ensure that the final products meet the requirements of food hygiene. To avoid the environmental impact of the discharges (slag, spoilage, slurry, liquid, gas, etc.) Pollution, the discharge of pollutants should be equipped with processing equipment to meet the emission requirements; for a variety of nutrients or pharmacologically active ingredients of food, should consider reducing the processing equipment on the nutritional or medicinal components of the loss; should pay attention to by-products and Scrap of the comprehensive development, make full use of resources and improve economic efficiency.
Equipment selection based on
In line with the requirements of relevant state industrial policies and standards, it gives priority to the selection and adoption of food machinery and equipment that are currently under the State's key encouragement and development, with a focus on selecting and adopting food machinery and equipment that are modest in scale, high in technology, good in economic returns, low in resource consumption, safe and hygienic, Prohibit the selection and use of food machinery and equipment that are explicitly limited and eliminated by the state at present, and focus on forbidding the selection and adoption of laws and regulations that violate national laws, backward production methods, poor product quality, serious environmental pollution, high consumption of raw materials and energy, Has advanced mature technology alternative, seriously endangering the safety of production equipment; try to choose and adopt advanced equipment and stereotypes products, the first choice of international standards, advanced standards and equivalent international standards of equipment, followed by the choice of countries Standard, industry standards and enterprise standards of equipment, equipment design, manufacture, installation, inspection and other technical conditions, the best can be subject to the existing basic standards, methods and standards and safety standards to facilitate the use of equipment and product quality Effect play.
Meet the project's technology program requirements: to meet product requirements. The product plan refers to the leading products, auxiliary products and by-products of the proposed food processing projects, which mainly include product varieties, output, specifications, quality standards, technical requirements, etc., to adapt to changes in product market demand and competition situation; to meet production scale requirements . The scale of production refers to the production capacity or service capacity that may be achieved in the normal production and operation year set by the proposed food processing project. The main consideration is the adaptability and matching of the project scale of production, which not only meets the performance requirements of different processed materials but also Meet the rationality of supporting production capacity; meet the production process parameters.
Production process parameters refers to the food processing process should be controlled by a variety of technical parameters, such as pressure, temperature, humidity, vacuum, extraction rate or yield, speed, purity, material consumption quotas and energy consumption quotas, equipment indicators both Advanced reasonable but also feasible; to meet the material balance calculation requirements. The balance of production materials is calculated according to the theory of conservation of mass, which means that the amount of material in the input system should be equal to the sum of the amount of material output and the amount of material loss output by the system; it is necessary to satisfy the balance requirement of the amount of material in the production process of the project, To adapt to the least amount of material loss requirements; to meet the energy balance calculation requirements. Energy balance is calculated according to the theory of conservation of energy. When choosing equipment, energy consumption should be paid great attention to, and energy-saving and water-saving, steam-saving, energy-saving and heat-saving equipment should be selected as far as possible.
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