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Take the packaging machinery industry automation and information technology development
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With the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, the communications industry in China has achieved great leaps, great changes and great progress with notable achievements in the world. The scale of China's information industry has been at the forefront of the world. The information industry has become a strategic, fundamental and pioneering one in our country The pillar industries have become an important pillar for China's national economy and social information construction and have made tremendous contributions to China's economic development, social progress, people's lives and national security. The 17th CPC National Congress pointed out that we must fully understand the importance of industrialization, informatization, Urbanization, marketization and internationalization of the new situation and new tasks, which give the information and communication industry a more arduous task and higher job requirements.
In the current historical starting point, the face of more complex market conditions and more intense market competition. Compared with the international communications industry, there are still gaps, but just as the vacuum packaging machine packaging machinery industry, automation and information technology, can achieve great changes. Information and communication enterprises should fully understand their own historical responsibility in the economic and social development, facing the arduous task of innovation and development, and forging ahead. Since its establishment six years ago, SASAC has consistently demanded that all central enterprises deepen the reform of their systems and change their mode of development. They should continue to promote their core competitiveness and maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets, taking the initiative to shoulder the social responsibility of enterprises.
Since 2009, the SASAC has also actively promoted activities such as the Year of Excellent Services and the Year of Olympic Games, demanding that the central enterprises meet the highest standards and strict requirements, providing high-level services to all sectors of society and the broad masses of the people, and providing services for economic development and social harmony Make Positive Contributions and Take the Opportunity of the Forum I would like to talk about four ideas and share with you all:
First, we must uphold the scientific concept of development, vigorously promote the information and communication industry products and technological innovation. The exhibition on the one hand demonstrated the innovative capabilities of Chinese enterprises in products and technologies, reflecting the overall level of China's communications and information industry. I am very pleased to see that there are more than a dozen central enterprises participating in the exhibition. The content they cover covers all aspects of communications products, technologies, services, applications and information and communications fields and fully reflects the overall strength of China's communications and information industry. However, on the other hand, through the exchange of this forum, everyone can understand the status quo of the current development of international communication technologies, understand the management and development of ICTs in China, the application of ICTs, the production of ICTs and the field of information and communication services Therefore, the information and communication enterprises should center on the technical innovation, change the mode of development, strengthen and expand the central task of the main business, make every effort to promote the independent innovation of information technology of enterprises, promote the development and application of information technology, and enhance the enterprises The core competitiveness of enterprises to promote sustained, rapid and healthy development.
Second, we must constantly innovate the ways of information services and improve the quality of information services. Our country is a country with relative shortage of natural resources and energy but relatively high unit consumption level, which makes us must take the combination of informationization and industrialization The transformation of the traditional information technology industry to reduce the consumption of resources and energy to promote the adjustment of energy structure and promote business management to strengthen and reduce operating costs. In recent years, the development and application of international information technology have also made rapid development. The pace of internationalization and informationization is accelerating. In the face of the escalating demands of the broad masses of people as well as fierce market competition, all operating enterprises must give top priority to improving their services and strengthen the integration of network resources while strengthening their business management Make use of and vigorously promote the integration of triple play and continuously develop new businesses. We will shift the focus of our business development from simple service-based multimedia integrated information services based on the Internet to efficient, convenient and high-quality services to promote the economic development of our country and improve people's living standards , Create a harmonious society to make a more positive contribution.
Third, state-owned telecommunications enterprises should deepen the reform, strengthen management and achieve sustainable development. From a macroscopic perspective, the Party and the state have classified informatization as a strategy for national development and have created a very good environment for the development of information and communication enterprises in terms of policies, laws and regulations, integrated environment and standardization, laying a solid foundation for the vigorous promotion of informatization construction Good market conditions, management techniques and institutional environment.
In recent years, China's information and communication enterprises have made great achievements in mechanism transformation and market development. However, it is necessary to speed up the establishment of a modern enterprise system, break the shackles of the present institutional and institutional mechanisms, obtain effective information technology, and make effective management of the enterprise , And to continue the rapid, healthy and innovative development of institutional mechanisms to better preserve and increase the value of state-owned assets and continuously meet the needs of economic and social development.
Fourth, to strengthen extensive cooperation and exchange, we must step up exchanges and cooperation in international inspections, further expand opening up to the outside world, introduce advanced foreign technologies and advanced management experiences, actively attract foreign investment, and strive to implement the strategy of "going global" to enhance the international cooperation among enterprises Competitiveness, we also need to promote the harmonious development and win-win situation of the ICT industry chain. Only in all aspects of the information industry chain and in the common development of all enterprises can we safeguard the common interests of the entire industry and the entire country.
In short, only a concerted effort by all parties and their respective responsibilities, a healthy and sustainable development of the industrial chain will be presented, all aspects of the industry chain will achieve win-win and mutual benefit, work together.
We believe that with the deepening of the reform of the information and communication enterprises in our country and the continuous development of information and communication technologies, the information and communication industry in China is bound to see a new situation and to a new level.
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