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   Zhejiang Wanying Technology Co., Ltd. since its founding date, has always been market-oriented, scientific research and development, manufacturing in one. Products sell well both at home and abroad, and praised by the majority of customers.
   The company has experienced, high-quality production and management personnel and the modernization of the plant, with domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, and the use of computer-aided design and management to ensure product quality, and constantly develop a new generation of products to meet Domestic and international customer needs. The company's main products include: mineral water / pure water production line, hot filling production line, gas beverage filling production line, milk production line, thick sauce production line, with fruit juice production line and so on.
   Companies adhering to the "quality is our eternal theme" will continue to provide customers with a variety of uses of high-quality filling machine, in order to better serve customers and work hard to treat customers with honest attitude: to market high-quality products; To win the trust of the wholehearted service, entrepreneurial spirit: dedication, truth-seeking, hard work and innovation.

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